Welcome to Mrs. Edinger's Math Class!
Welcome to Mrs. Edinger's math class! We like to have fun in math, and we work hard every day! We use Math Expressions as our curriculum, which is tied to the Minnesota State Standards in Mathematics. We enjoy finding ways that math and numbers are used in real life situations. 

Math homework is assigned each school day. Your child should come to math class with his or her homework and be ready to turn it in at the beginning of class. All homework is intended to reinforce/practice what was learned in class that day. It would be very helpful to have someone at home who is a designated "homework helper." It will save us all a lot of time if your child turns in homework that is complete and correct (to the best of your ability). If your child struggles with concepts or homework completion, please send me a brief note on the homework sheet or send me an email so that I'm aware of the challenges. Homework is NEVER intended to cause tears! I do not correct each and every homework sheet; I assess each child's progress throughout the day with informal observation, mini quizzes, and unit assessments. 

For information about what we are learning in each Math Expressions unit, please feel free to explore the following website. Some of the math your child is learning might seem unfamiliar to some of you, so this background is provided as a way to help!


Thanks for your support at home! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.