Sight Words
In the Reading Room, we are obsessed with sight words or high frequency words. We truly believe that knowing sight words will help your child's reading in so many ways.

What is a sight word?
Any word that you know just by looking at it. You don't need to sound it out or think about it at all. Your child's first sight word is usually his/her name.

Why are sight words tricky?
Many sight words don't follow any phonetic rules. Try sounding out the word "the." These are the words that we are particularly focused on when we study sight words. (These are also referred to as Red Words in the Reading Room--STOP! Don't even TRY to sound this word out) Some other words that are very tricky: of, what, were, was, there, should.

Research shows that if your child knows the first 300 sight words, he/she will be able to read about 60% of everything he/she tries. The rest can be sounded out or deciphered by context.

In the Reading Room, your child is assessed on an on going basis for sight word knowledge. The following links will provide you with a page of sight word flashcards that you can use to help your child study at home. If you need to know what set your child is working on, please email your child's literacy teacher.

Note: Most kindergarten students should start with Set 1.